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Canadian Evergreen: Introducing Captain Cannabis, the 1st cannabis superhero – illustrated here in Canada

Cannigma: Captain Cannabis is Enjoying a Renaissance Thanks to Legalization

Benzinga: Meet Captain Cannabis, The First Weed Superhero In History

TheGrowthOp: Canadian believed to be the creator of the first cannabis superhero, Captain Cannabis

El Planteo: Conocé a Captain Cannabis, el Primer Superhéroe Cannábico de la Historia

CANNCentral: Verne Andru’s Captain Cannabis is ready to fly high again!

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Captain Cannabis 4/20/2020 Featured Products
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3 days in 3 minutes with creator Verne Andru

CJSF 90.1 FM's Scott Wood sits down with Captain Cannabis creator Verne Andru to discuss the release of his 420/Captain Cannabis comic book, feature and more.

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